The Green River in King Co.
Green River Information: Auburn Sports & Marine: (253-833-1440)

Lower Green River to the Upper Green River Headworks.

Kent Golf Course area
(1 mile from the Willis St. exit of Hwy #167 in Kent)
Easy to access areas, roads are close
& easy hiking trails
to some decent fishing holes.

NewsPaper area
(near the Willis St. exit of Hwy #167 in Kent)
Easy to access area, road is close
& easy trail to a decent fishing hole.
You USE to be able to come here in September
and see a 20 lb. King Salmon roll every 10 seconds!

Soos Creek Salmon Hatchery area
(3 miles east from Hwy#18 & Hwy #167 Junction)
Where Hwy 18 goes over the Green River
is a great place to go Steelheading!
Downstream 1/2 mile is Auto Body Hole.
A long straight 1/4 mile stretch of great river fishing.
Large parking lot near the bridges on green valley rd.
Easy Access!

Neeley Bridge area
Easy access area near rd.
fishing hole is right upstream from bridge.

Metzler Park area
(approx. 3 miles up green valley rd.)
This parking spot will lead you back into an area
of the river that is great for hiking & fishing.
Some creeks dump into this area.
Look for salmon at the mouths of the creeks.

Flaming Geyser Park area
(approx. 9 miles up green valley rd.)
Click for information on Flaming Geyser State Park.
A large fishing area to cover
Lower holes up against a cliff wall.
Deep hole where the old bridge was.
Nice corner hole upstream from that.
(This is where I caught my 1st Steelhead!)
A mint bright 12 lb. native hen!
And I was hooked just like that Steelhead!
Upper Flaming Geyser has some nice holes.
Hike up from the park for 1 mile
Find a beautiful fishing hole to hike to!

Hwy #169 Bridge over the Green River area
Steep access to some nice fishing holes
just upstream or downstream from bridge.

Icy Creek Salmon Hatchery area

Canyon area
Hard to access areas, different roads
& steep dangerous hiking trails
to find fast deep holes.

Kanaskat/Palmer State Park area
(access from Enumclaw via Farman rd.)
Click for information on Kanaskat/Palmer State Park.
Great Steelhead fishing in this 1/2 mile
stretch of river just below the Steelhead Hatchery!
Fish the lower part or the upper part.
Parking is close & access is easy!

Palmer Kanasket Steelhead Hatchery area
(access from Enumclaw via Cumberland Kanasket rd.)
Just past the Palmer-Kanasket State Park
Go over the bridge and a little ways down the road
A road to the left will lead
to the Steelhead hatchery area

Road to Headworks area
(access from Enumclaw via Cumberland Kanasket rd.)
After Palmer-Kanasket State Park
Look for a pallet fence on your right
After this fence turn on the road
to your right
This road goes over train tracks & runs
along side the Green River to headworks.
Easy Access to a few great fishing holes!

(access from Enumclaw via Cumberland Kanasket rd.)
This place is quite a site!!!
If you visit here in the CLOSED season
(the last two weeks in May.)
You can look down the steep trails
and see Steelhead spawing by the dozens!
Take your family for this site!
Great Views & Great Fishing
if you are here on OPENING DAY!